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dei procedimenti nel caso di Julian Assange

The Council of Bar and Law Societies of Europe - the extradition of Mr. Assange would inevitably lead to a serious infraction of his fundamental human right to a fair trial. 

marzo 10, 2020

The International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) condemned the mistreatment of Mr. Assange during his extradition trial in February 2020, which included him being handcuffed 11 times; stripped naked twice and searched; his case files confiscated after the first day of the hearing; and his request to sit with his lawyers during the trial, rather than in a dock surrounded by bulletproof glass, denied.

IBAHRI Co-Chair, the Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG, commented: “It is deeply shocking that as a mature democracy in which the rule of law and the rights of individuals are preserved, the UK Government has been silent and has taken no action to terminate such gross and disproportionate conduct by Crown officials.

He further noted that: “On this occasion, the example is shocking and excessive. It is reminiscent of the Abu Grahib Prison Scandal which can happen when prison officials are not trained in the basic human rights of detainees and the Nelson Mandela Rules.”

Read the full statement and that of IBAHRI Co-Chair, Anne Ramberg Dr jur hc here: