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Julian Assange appears via videolink in London, Stella Moris testifies in Madrid

luglio 27, 2020

While the US has yet again added new allegations to the indictment against Julian Assange last month, the new and third indictment is yet to be formally served to the District Judge Vanessa Baraitser. What is more, the prosecution barrister, Joel Smith, could not even commit to any timeline as to when it would be served. 

Judge Baraitser has reminded the prosecution that the deadline had passed for the submission of any further evidence before the September extradition hearing, apart from psychiatric reports.

Defence barrister Edward Fitzgerald warned that the new allegations threaten to derail the proceedings and seem to have a political motive behind them since they will at least delay the hearing until after the US election in November. 

Mr. Assange appeared via videolink for the first time in more than three months. He sneezed into his hand at one point. He was not wearing a face mask as he had not been provided one, despite the space he was in being commonly used by other prisoners for the purposes of videolinks. His partner, Stella Moris reports that the guards Julian interacts with do not wear masks either. 

In other news, Ms Moris is in Madrid to testify at the Audiencia Nacional in the UC Global case, as are lawyer Baltasar Garzon and Fidel Narvaez, former consul to the UK.